Harris Kalinka

Imagery + Animation Golf + Architecture

Our team

Most of the team has been together for 8 years now. We like to think it’s because they like working together, but we have a feeling it’s because of the free lunches.

Andrew Harris

Andrew trained as an architect and is the ideas man who steers the direction of the company. He loves travelling and meeting new people, which is handy because he does a lot of that.

Photo of Juris Kalinka Director of Harris Kalinka

Juris Kalinka

Juris also trained as an architect and is the numbers man. He keeps everything running smoothly, and is in charge of research and development. He builds all our computers from scratch.

Janis Rullis

Janis is a programmer and is responsible for many of our clever systems that work in the background. He’s been with us from day one.

Arturs Cugurs

Arturs studied engineering and has become our CAD guru. He can’t stand messy or inconsistent drawings, so architects take note of this when you send him your plans!

Martins Moris

Martins trained as an interior designer, but his real passion is cars. He’s known in the office as ‘Bad Martin’ but he’s been with us so long we’ve forgotten why.

Ingus Strals

Ingus is another product of Riga’s architecture school. He says he loves his work so much he’d do it for free – we might see if that’s true one day.

Amanda Zhang

Amanda is our go-to girl in Beijing, managing all our projects in China. She protects us from all the companies wanting to take advantage of our good nature. We wouldn’t mess with her!