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Wednesday 31st August 2016

12 ways to make the most of your golf course animation

A few years ago we created some animations for a new golf course in China and 6 months later we discovered the animations were still on a USB, sitting in a draw. We suspect they didn’t want too many people to see the animations, for fear of popping up on the Chinese Central Government’s radar and being added to the list of courses to be bulldozed.

This was an unusual situation, but if you’ve paid someone to create an animation it should really help you to create a lot more exposure for your project, so you can achieve your goal of raising investment, attracting new members, selling real estate or something else.

In the interests of getting all animations out of the draw and helping you to achieve your goal, here are our top 12 suggestions:

1. Add it to your website

This is an obvious one, but it is one that we’ve seen overlooked, so it’s at the top of the list. Add the animation to the top of the homepage so everyone can see it.

2. Social media

Post the animation on Facebook, Tweet it, Instagram it, share it on LinkedIn and any other social media channels you use. With a bit of luck (or planning) it will be shared again and again.

3. USBs and DVDs

Create branded USBs that include a copy of the animation, that you can personally hand out or DVDs that can be posted.

4. Newsletter

If you have an existing mailing list this is an ideal opportunity to send out the animation.

5. Industry magazines and blogs

Magazines and blogs love content, especially if it is visual. So send them the animation along with an accompanying press release and there’s a good chance you’ll get featured.

6. Impromptu presentations

Copy the animation onto your iPad or phone, so it is ready to show whenever you come across a potential investor, member or visitor.

7. Tradeshows

Industry shows are among the best places to meet the right people and the perfect place to show your animation.

8. Get everyone on-board

The more people helping with your marketing the better. For example maybe your course designer would like to present your project (and animation) at an industry conference.

9. Video hosting sites

It only takes a few minutes to add an animation to sites such as YouTube and Vimeo. These sites are searched by Google so this is another opportunity worth doing in order for your animation to be seen.

10. Apps

The app can include the animation along with additional benefits such as booking tee times, restaurant reservations and other information.

11. Travel agents

If you are a destination then travel companies will probably be featuring your course on their own website or a partners. Make sure they have the animation so they can include it and set you apart from the rest.

12. Play it in the clubhouse

Put a big TV in your clubhouse or marketing suite and play the animation on loop for every member and visitor to see.

These suggestions are something you can do months in advance of the course opening. They will help you target different demographics and reach wider geographical locations. The best thing is most of them don’t take a great deal of time, money or effort. Now that you’ve spent the money in creating the animations it is time to make the most of them.