Harris Kalinka

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Wednesday 22nd January 2014

A member of the GCA

Even when you feel you’re on the right track, it’s always reassuring when other industry professionals deem you’ve been around long enough to be ‘established’ and believe you offer something valuable that the industry needs.

I was recently invited to join the Golf Consultants Association by the chairman, Howard Swan, who I met during the Asia Pacific Golf Conference in Brunei in 2012 ? we were both keynote speakers. We subsequently worked together on a flyover animation for the Beirut Roumieh Golf Resort, which is being designed by Swan Golf Designs.

The GCA is a non-profit making organisation that acts as a central point of contact for a group of golf specialists who have a proven track record in helping their clients to build, develop, market and operate golf clubs and resorts.

Golf course animation was not a service offered by any GCA member until now, so I’m looking forward to being part of a network of established golf industry professionals, learning about their services, educating them about ours and exploring ways we can collaborate. Exactly how our services can be used and how they can benefit golf clubs and resorts is often misunderstood. Being part of the Association, alongside so many respected members, should lend credibility to the services we provide.

I joined the GCA at the same time as Andy Barwell (Director of the Azalea Group, PR and marketing consultants to the golf industry) and Piet Vandenbussche, a Belgium-based golf business and developmental project coordinator.

On becoming members, Howard Swan, Chairman of GCA welcomed us warmly: “I am delighted that these three experienced and independent consultants have joined our ranks and will contribute greatly to the growth and development of the Association as well as being able to network and link with the other 20 odd members to provide an unparalleled, broad and proven service to the business of golf throughout the world.”

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