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Monday 5th February 2018

PRESS RELEASE: Harris Kalinka offers a window into the future of golf

This article first appeared in Golf Business News on the 6th February 2018.

Harris Kalinka’s latest showreel of golf course animations offers a window into the future of golf course redesigns, renovations and new builds.

Not only do their animations show the proposed designs in an astonishing level of detail, if you talk to Harris Kalinka you will gain a unique insight into industry trends.

Harris Kalinka director Andrew Harris explained: “We are in the fortunate position to work with some of the leading golf course architects on projects that are still in the early stages of design. It is exciting to be part of the process, to see how different designers go about their work and to be able to bring their ideas to life.”

“Whilst our work only offers a small sample of the total number of projects that are currently on the drawing board, we have seen a definite trend in courses proposed in Pakistan and the Middle East, mostly driven by large real estate developments. There has also been a noticeable upturn in the number of renovation projects in China, whilst other parts of Asia remain strong. Contrary to what a lot of people think, there is also a lot of activity in the US as clubs look to reinvent themselves.”

“It wouldn’t surprise anyone to know that redesigns and renovations still dominate the number of enquiries we receive, but proposals for new build courses are certainly more frequent compared with the past few years.”

It would be a leap to gauge the health of the golf industry on the work of Harris Kalinka, but it does show there are some very exciting projects due to be built within the next couple of years.

Their latest showreel, a product of the past 6 months, features courses in Mexico, South Korea, Pakistan, USA, Thailand and China, for designers including OCCM, Kyle Phillips and Fred Couples.

Harris Kalinka will be showcasing more examples of their animations on stand #13062 at the Golf Industry Show (GIS), in San Antonio, Texas, from the 7th to 8th February 2018.