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Friday 22nd May 2015

“Can you create an image in 24 hours?”

That was the question I was asked by Thomas Rubi, President of Ernie Els Design late last year.

Ernie Els had been working on a golf academy in Vietnam and their client had requested an image showing a view of the proposed range and the academy building that they could use for marketing. Besides needing it in 24 hours, there was another small challenge – the academy building had not yet been designed in detail.

All Thomas could tell me was that it would be a single-level practice range with a rooftop café looking over the range. Everything would be in the style of the traditional Vietnamese timber stilt buildings. Thankfully he was able to provide plenty of information for the practice range.

The clock was ticking and we had less than a day to put together an image that would show the practice range and the yet-to-be designed academy building.

Quick sketch of the proposed Ernie Els Academy in Vietnam

The sketch shows a view from the practice range looking back on the academy building, with an Ernie Els-branded flag featuring prominently in the foreground.

The first thing we did was create a quick sketch that we could show Thomas, to check he liked the view we had in mind. This sketch also gave us a clear direction, so we knew exactly what we were aiming for with the final computer-generated image. We then divided our team up so we could work on the image in parts. One of us modelled the building, another the range, someone else focused on the lighting and, most importantly, there was someone to make regular cups of strong coffee.

Now all we had to do was to design the academy building, model everything in 3D, add some nice lighting and hit render. It sounds simple enough but when you only have 24 hours the adrenaline starts pumping.

Tick tock.

The final rendered image showing the proposed Ernie Els Academy in Vietnam

The final rendered image looking remarkably similar to the original sketch, but a bit more polished.

Fueled by far more than our recommended daily allowance of coffee, we did manage to finish the images on time, and I am pleased to say Thomas and his client were happy.

So, the answer to the question is “Yes, we can produce an image in 24 hours”. But we’d prefer a few more days if possible.

Contact us if you need an image of your golf course design at short notice. We’ll tell you honestly if we can meet your deadlines.