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Tuesday 10th February 2015

The Year of the Goat

Image showing goats climbing a tree on a golf course to celebrate the start of the New Year 2015

Before you think we’re all going mad here at Harris Kalinka – goats really do climb trees! If you don’t believe us take a look below.

We created this image in celebration of the start of the Year of the Goat.

From all of us at Harris Kalinka, we’d like to wish you a happy, healthy and prosperous Chinese New Year!

Harris Kalinka ??????????????????

 Why do goats climb trees?

Apparently goats have fantastic coordination which means they can balance in the most precarious positions. The reason they choose to climb trees is all because of the fruits of the argan tree, commonly found in North Africa.



They also climb mountains!

Again it is all about the search for food.


Do you need to show some goats in your project?

After creating our Chinese New Year image we have become rather good at working with goats and placing them in all manner of strange positions. So if you need a visualisation that includes a few goats then we’re in a very good position to help you.

We’re not expecting a flood of enquiries!