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Friday 20th December 2013

Curling in Riga

One of the perks of having an office in another country is getting to go there for the annual Christmas party. It isn’t the only time I go to Riga during the year, but it is pretty much the only time we don’t talk about work. Or at least that’s the intention.

This year we decided to make a day of it. We wanted to do something where partners could join in, so we chose curling. We thought that the UK office would be at a disadvantage to the Latvian office, but as it happens no one had played before, so we were all in the same boat.

Surprisingly we didn’t have to wear special shoes when we started off learning to slide along the ice. Unsurprisingly this meant that some of us spent a lot of time sitting on the ice rather than standing.

After mastering the art of sliding we tried our hand at ‘delivering’ the stone across the ice and towards the target. This is a game of skill, not power, so both sexes were on a level playing field, although some were naturally better than others. (I count myself among the others!)

juris-kalinka-curling-in-rigaJuris showing us all how it is done

We split into 4 teams of 3 and each team played the others twice. The scores were counted and the team led by Martin were triumphant. In fact, they were so good I questioned if this really was their first time curling. Needless to say I was feeling slightly bitter at being part of the team that came last.

We then went for a well-deserved Christmas dinner in the Old Town of Riga and the festivities continued into the early hours. Next year we’re thinking of going bobsleighing. That should be interesting!

We’re all fully recovered from our curling endeavours and back in full force in the office now, so if you have any designs you need visualisations for, get in touch.