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Friday 25th October 2013

Do you need architectural training to create exceptional visualisations?

I’ll declare Harris Kalinka’s bias on this issue up front: both Juris Kalinka and myself spent 5 years studying architecture at university and worked for a number of architectural practices. This taught us a lot, and we believe it really helps us to give architects not only excellent visualisations, but also excellent service.

We’ve built some productive long-term partnerships with architectural practices on the back of our technical knowledge and our understanding of how the architectural design process works. Besides the quality of our visualisations, our training and experience translate into a number of benefits for our clients.

You won’t need to explain your architectural drawings

We spent years working in architectural offices, drawing plans, sections, elevations and details, so we won’t have a problem reading your drawings and turning them into a 3d model.

We’ve also spent time on building sites, so we understand the construction process. If we’re asked to add a particular detail to our 3d model then there is a good chance we’ll know what it is you want.

We’ll get your proportions right

We know all about the Golden Section and the Modular. If you give us a sketch of a building, we know the average width and height of a door, floor to ceilings heights, the gradient of a staircase, the typical height of a worktop in the kitchen, and the thickness of walls. You’ll be surprised how many companies don’t, although you won’t be surprised at just how wrong this can make your design look.

Every design detail will be respected

A careful design detail makes a difference to the physical building, and as such we make sure it’s in the 3d model. We understand that your design vision is detailed and want to capture what you ‘see’. That’s why we’ll ask you questions about the detail ? everything from materials to finishes.

Light and space will be realistically represented

We’ve designed buildings and we’ve worked on site, so we have real experience in dealing with space and light, not just experience of replicating it on a computer screen.

You can be sure we’ll meet your deadlines

Whether it’s for a planning application or a client presentation, we’ve been in the position of an architect who is dependent on many consultants to provide the information they need.

It doesn’t matter if the project is small or large, to stay on time and on budget a successful project needs everyone in the team working together. It’s often the architect who is responsible for this, but we’ve had that responsibility, so we can empathise and will do all we can to play our part in a successful team.

Your visualisations will capture the true value of your design

Whether it’s for a planning application, a client presentation, a competition, or for using in your marketing, we understand that communicating the values of a project often transcend the physical dimensions of the project itself. Capturing this visually is as important as accuracy and detail. We may do it through the atmosphere or by showing the intended use of a building – things that communicate subtle but essential information about the values of the design.

You’ll work with interested and enthusiastic people

We’re designers who love good design and love making it possible for design to be communicated. Working with architects to do this is immensely satisfying, and we put all our visualisation skills and our architectural training at your disposal.

If we weren’t creating images for architects then I believe we’d still be practising architecture. Having designed buildings we know what it’s like to entrust others with our vision, so we like to think we can be trusted with yours.

Test us with your next design project