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Wednesday 23rd March 2016

Our favourite golf course photographers

Behind every golf course animation and image we create there is usually a strong source of inspiration. Occasionally this comes from our own experiences of being on a golf course, but most often from golf course photographers.

We use their work as a source of reference for bunker styles, water edges, grass types and imperfections that you find in reality (and a photograph), but rarely in a rendered image or animation. We also observe course photographers to learn the technical elements that combine to create a great image, such as composition, colour balance and lighting. However the photographers we love are those that show more than just a technical understanding, they capture the character of the course and emotion of being there. This is what we try and introduce into our images and animations – albeit before the course has been built!

The following photographers are amongst our favourites:


Clive Barber

Cobble Beach Golf Links by Clive Barber

Cobble Beach Golf Links


Aidan Bradley

River Hills Golf Course by Aidan Bradley

River Hills Golf Course


Kevin Murray

Bearwood Lakes Golf Club by Kevin Murray

Bearwood Lakes Golf Club


Evan Schiller

17th Hole at Medinah Country Club by Evan Schiller

Medinah Country Club


Jacob Sjöman

Trump International Golf Links by Jacob Sjoman

Trump International Golf Links



We had a great response to this post so we thought it might be helpful to add other course photographers we know of, to create a more comprehensive list.

If we’ve missed someone please let us know and we’ll add them to the list.

Mark Alexander

Tom Breazeale

Michael Clemmer

Diana DeLucia

Michael Denker

Chip Henderson

Eric Hepworth

Mike Klemme

Larry Lambrecht

Grant Leversha

Russell Kirk

Gary Lisbon

Ken E. May

Rob Perry

Brian Oar

Dave Sansom

David Scaletti

Paul Severn

Lonna Tucker

Peter Wong