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Wednesday 14th September 2016

Presenting your golf course animation on your website

Following our posts on Planning how to use your animation and Where to host your animation, here are some quick fire tips for presenting your animation on your website.

1. Make sure the animation works on desktops, tablets and mobiles

2. Don’t set your animation to auto-play – tempt people to click play, but let them decide

3. Place it near the top of the page (‘above the fold’) because not everyone scrolls down

4. If it’s really important put it on the homepage

5. Design a page around the animation that includes related content

6. Always have a strong call to action on the page or at the end of the animation

7. Add a short description (or tagline) so people know what the animation is about

8. Tell people how long the video is – it might be the deciding factor on whether they play it or not

9. Make it easy for people to share the animation on social media by including links

10. Make sure you have a play button that is big and obvious