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Bangpra Golf Club


The new owners of Bangpra International Golf Club were looking to give the course a new look, and they needed some convincing animations to communicate their vision to the local government. We were asked to produce animations showing a tee-to-green flyover of three holes.

It is always enjoyable to work with a new designer, to show them how we work and what we can do, and also to see first-hand how they work and learn more about the intricacies of golf course design. This time we had the pleasure of working with Australian golf course architects OCCM.

The project was still at an early stage, relative to the start of construction work, but even so we received a comprehensive package of information to work from, including:

   Detailed CAD grading
   Precedents for the bunker styles and course furniture
   Site photos showing the native trees and planting
   Google Earth location so we can see the project in relation to the surrounding landscape and recreate this in 3D

We knew from the start that the bunkers were integral to the proposed design, so after we had created the detailed 3D model of the three holes we sent OCCM a preview image of each bunker, for them to review and refine the shape and edge detail, to get it looking exactly how they wanted before we started rendering the animations. Our work is a bit like that of a shaper, only in the digital world – and we don’t get the opportunity to visit all the wonderful locations!

Of course OCCM also had the opportunity to review the details for the rest of the project, and there were a few small changes, but on this one it was the bunkers we are proudest of.


Bang Phra, Thailand

3 x hole animations

Ingus, Janis

3 weeks

We spent more than half the time working on the bunkers, but we think it was worth it.

Rendering of the 6th hole tees

Rendering of the 10th hole tees

Rendering of the 10th hole green complex

Rendering of one of the bunkers on the 10th hole

Rendering of the 18th hole tees

Rendering of the 6th hole green

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