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Castlewood Valley Golf Course


San Francisco-based golf course architect Neal Meagher approached us to create a selection of animations for the proposed renovation of Castlewood Valley Golf Course in Pleasanton, California.

The plan was to present our animations to the membership, alongside his own plans, so they could understand his vision for Castlewood Valley.

Neal explained: “In my 30 year career, of designing and renovating golf courses, a recurring challenge is how to communicate the vision of how a new or renovated course will actually look after the work is finished.”

We worked closely with Neal and the club to create animations that not only captured the design changes but also the character of the course, in particular the ragged bunker edges and natural looking native grasses.

In addition to the traditional flyovers of each hole, we also created a trailer style animation, showing some of the best views and capturing the character of the course, including detailed close ups of the bunkers and native grasses.

The animations were presented at a general meeting attended by 300 members which allowed members to voice concerns and approvals about the proposed changes.


California, USA

1 x trailer animation
5 x hole flyover animations
Selection of CGIs

Ingus, Janis

3 weeks

Train tracks run through the middle of the course, so if you watch the animations closely you will see a train.

From my experience working with Harris Kalinka I will be looking for ways to involve them in all of my future projects. I feel the service they provide is indispensable in this age of computer graphics. The new millennial generation now coming into roles of decision-making will expect nothing less.

Neal Meagher
Golf Course Architect


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