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We first started work on Eighteen in 2015, when International Design Group brought us in to create some animation for their golf course design. The project went quiet for a couple of years until a new developer took over and asked us to continue where we had left off.

The brief was to show more of the golf course along with the rest of the project, including a hotel, shopping mall, offices, clinic, mosque, parks, cricket pitch, apartments, 1,000 villas and 900 apartments. The project resembled a small city.

Our plan was to create a library of short animations showing every part of the project, that could be repurposed in a number of ways to give the developer plenty of flexibility for their marketing. From the library they could select a single animation, or combine two or three, in order to create a teaser and introduce a particular part of the project. The animations could be used as part of a marketing video, together with filmed footage, graphics and a voice over. Or the animations could be combined to create a compilation showing the entire project. This is exactly what happened, so the developer certainly made good use of the animations we created.

We updated the library of animations regularly over the course of a year to include additional parts of the project, and these were shown at ongoing launch events in Islamabad, Dubai and London.

We also created a VR experience so potential buyers could immerse themselves in the project. For example, someone interested in a villa could stand on the terrace and look all around, seeing their view of the golf course in front and the interior of their villa behind them.

In addition to the animations and VR, we also created CGIs that were used on the project website, social media, brochures and large format billboards.

This was certainly one of our most challenging projects, simply due to the size and the amount of modelling and rendering required, but we were determined not to let this inhibit our creativity. This meant a lot of planning, testing, upgrading our render farm and in some situations rethinking our workflow. It also helped that our client, the developer, showed a lot of trust in what we do, giving us a great deal of freedom and artistic license.

Islamabad, Pakistan

Lots of animation, CGIs and VR

Andrew, Juris, Ingus, Martins, Janis and Vjacheslavs

1 year

At the time of writing the animation has been viewed 366,000 times in less than 3 months.

Aerial view of the Eighteen master plan

Golf cart and bunker on the Eighteen golf course

The Eighteen practice range

The Eighteen clubhouse

The hotel swimming pool

Poolside sunbeds at the hotel

Sunbeds at the hotel

View of the golf course from a typical apartment terrace

The Eighteen golf course

Swimming pool of a typical villa

Living room of a typical villa

Dining room and kitchen of a typical villa

Fruit in the kitchen of a typical villa

Fruit in the dining room of a typical villa

Bedroom in a typical villa

View from the bedroom of a typical villa

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