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Incheon Golf Course


When we created the animation for Castlewood Valley Golf Club, showing the train running through the middle of the course, we never imagined it would lead to a project in South Korea. But that’s exactly what happened.

The client for IBC Korea spotted the animation and as their site has a monorail running alongside the proposed course, they asked if we could do the same as we did for Castlewood Valley. The client was pitching to win a competition and the relationship of the golf course to the monorail was one aspect of the design that was particularly important to communicate to the judges.

Instead of trying to hide the monorail behind trees or routing the course to avoid any views of the monorail – which would have been difficult given it is bright yellow – the client decided to make it a focus of the project. So this is what we did in our flyover of hole 8.

In addition to the flyover we also created an aerial view of the entire course, to communicate the proposed routing and the relationship to the airport, surrounding context and the yellow sea.

Unfortunately our client didn’t win the competition, they came 2nd, losing out by only 1.7 points from a possible 1,000. However, they were the only team to receive an ovation at the end of the presentation.

Incheon, Korea

1 x aerial image
1 x hole animations

Martins, Janis

3 weeks

If you look closely you will see the tees are shaped like aeroplanes. This is because the proposed course is located adjacent to an airport.

Rendering of the proposed course

Rendering of the tees on the 8th hole

Rendering of the approach to the green on the 8th hole

Rendering of the green on the 8th hole

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