Harris Kalinka

Imagery + Animation Golf + Architecture

Lido Lakes Golf Resort


When Thomas Rubi, of Ernie Els Design, called to say he would like us to create an animation for the 18th hole of a course in Jakarta – which has two volcanoes and a lot of waterfalls – the first thing we thought was how would we fit it all into one flyover. The answer is, we didn’t even try.

For a flyover, showing one continuous camera that moves from tee to green, the movement would be too awkward and fast to really appreciate the details. So we decided to create what we like to call a ‘trailer’ animation. We used five cameras and selected the best views of the 18th hole, which meant we could really focus on the details. We still showed views from the tees, fairway and green – which is important from the perspective of understanding the design of the hole – but we also included both volcanoes and a close up of the greenside waterfall, which really gives the hole it’s character.

This was also our first foray into product placement – just like the big Hollywood studios! If you look closely you will see the bottle of wine at the end of the animation is from the Ernie Els collection.

Jakarta, Indonesia

1 x trailer animation

Ingus, Janis

3 weeks

If you listen carefully you will hear the sound of the waterfalls.

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