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Österåkers Golf Club


We first met golf course architect Christian Lundin, of Henrik Stenson Design (HSD) at the Golf Industry Show in Orlando. He wanted to know more about who we are, what we do, what information they would need to provide and, in particular, would they have an opportunity to make any changes before we send them the final animation?

As it happens, one of our favourite parts of the process is working closely with our clients. This is where we really get into the detail of the project, which, in turn, makes our animations look better. In fact, we often issue images to everyone involved, so everyone gets a chance to have a say and no one is left disappointed. So, our answer to Christian was a resounding yes, they would have plenty of opportunity to review and comment on our work.

Shortly after the golf show in Orlando Christian contacted us to ask if we could create a tee-to-green flyover animation showing HSD’s proposal for hole 18 at Österåkers Golf Club in Swede – the 2016 Open Champion’s first foray into golf course architecture. The purpose of the animation was to help the members feel involved and get them excited, because this was, after all, a redesign of their existing course.

HSD has since posted the animation on its Facebook page where it reached more than 6,500 people and received more than 800 plays in 24 hours.

We also created virtual reality (VR) for the project showing views from the proposed tees, fairway and green. This can be set up in the clubhouse and the members have the opportunity to experience the proposed course for themselves.


Åkersberga, Sweden

1 x tee-to-green flyover animation

Arturs, Janis, Ingus

3 weeks

Whilst the animation is for hole 18, the 3D model also included hole 10, the adjacent course, the historical area, clubhouse and motorway in the background.

Aerial view of the proposed lake between hole 18 (on the left) and hole 10 (right)

View of the 18th green from the fairway

The wooden retaining walls that surround the 18th green

View from the 18th green

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