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The Pit


We love working on projects that are a little bit different. So when golf course architect Agustin Piza told us about his ‘golf lounge’ concept for a private practice area in the garden of a private client’s home in Mexico City – he had our attention. Then he told us about the large revetted bunker which can be converted into a fire pit, for his client to enjoy a beer and relax in the evenings – this was a project we had to work on.

One of the joys of working on a project of this scale is we can focus on the details, such as the large free-form putting green, heavily contoured landscape and bunkers. There was the usual back and forth with Agustin, so he could review and tweak the 3d model as we developed it, to ensure it reflected his design, but it was a process we all enjoyed.

We only wish our gardens were big enough for a practice area like this.

Mexico City, Mexico

1 x trailer animation
5 x renders

Vyacheslav, Andrew

4 weeks

We designed the clubhouse!


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