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Hainan Golf Course

Visualisation from the back tee of the 7th hole at the Hainan golf course

Visualisation of the 7th hole from the back tee

This was our first project working with VITA. They approached us wanting to achieve two things for in their client presentations: the first was to show the character of the Hainan golf course, and the second was to show the style of architecture for the starters’ area. We felt we could show the character of the course in a single view of hole 7, by looking from the back tee towards the green, taking in the waterfalls, colourful planting and range of tree types. To showcase the starters’ area we chose an aerial view, looking down on the pavilions and practice green, also showing the proximity to the 18th green. These two images helped VITA present their concept so their client could sign off the design.

LOCATION Hainan, China china-visualisation-project-map
WHAT WE DID 1 x hole animations 3 x images TEAM Janis, Martins, Juris
TIMING 3 weeks FUN FACT We populated hole 7 with horses for our ‘Chinese New Year’ image. It was of course the year of the horse!
Visualisation showing an aerial view of the starters area and practice green at the Hainan golf course

Aerial visualisation looking down on the starters area and practice green

vita-planning-and-landscape-architecture-logo Working in Asia has its own set of standards that tend to be higher than the Western world. We have found that our clients have higher demands and must clearly understand the design intent. This is the reason we use Harris Kalinka for these projects. VITA has the utmost confidence in Andrew and his team to meet even the tightest schedule, handle last minute changes, and still produce the most professional and stunning graphics we use. Randy Hoffacker, Vice President – Asia VITA
Visualisation showing Hainan golf course full of horses, created for Chinese New Year

Visualisation we created to celebrate Chinese New Year, the year of the horse!

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