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Matalda Mali Losinj

We all like a challenge and this project in Croatia was certainly that: working across four time zones, with very little available information, and what can only be described as an ambitious deadline. We joined the team of Ernie Els (golf architects) and EDSA (master planners) in providing images and animations to present the project to first the developer and then the church that owns the land. The project was at an early stage of design, and we only had the grading for a couple of holes and a simple layout for the buildings, which consisted of private villas and a hotel. We took this as an opportunity, and where there were gaps in information we used some artistic license to create a vision of a project that appeared at a much later stage of design. The project has since been given the green light by the developer and the detailed design has started.

Visualisation showing an aerial view of hole 13

Aerial view of hole 13

LOCATION Punta Kriza, Croatia croatia-visualisation-project-map
WHAT WE DID 2 x hole animations 1 x golf course animation 5 x images TEAM Martins, Juris, Andrew
TIMING 3 week FUN FACT We even modelled the olives on the trees.
Visualisation showing a  view of the golf course and resort surrounded by a forest of olive trees

Distant view of the golf course and resort from across the forest of olive trees

 ernie-else-golf-course-design-logo Working with Andrew and his team allowed our clients to be immersed in our vision for them. It’s no easy task to bring 2 dimensions up to full colour renderings in 3 dimensions, with perfect HD clarity, emotive colouring and architectural nuisances. I believe that only a team with a deep understanding of golf, vertical buildings and landscapes may dovetail all these elements to create a truly remarkable vision of how a project can become reality. Thomas Rubi, President Ernie Els Design
Visualisation showing an aerial view of the golf course

Aerial view of the golf course with strategically placed olive trees on the fairways

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