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The animations we created for this course in Phnom Penh were all about selling memberships, encouraging tourism and generally raising awareness of the project. After our successful animation for Lough Erne, Faldo Design recommended us to their client and what started off as a single animation ended up as 18 (they must have liked our work!).We created a flyover from tee to green for each hole, which could be used for marketing the course to prospective members. It could also be a useful resource for anyone playing the course because we included a ball flight graphic (like you see on TV) to show the best strategy for playing the hole. To encourage the drive for local members we also created an image that was displayed on a 5m-wide advertising board adjacent to the site. The course is currently under construction and after it’s finished the developer intends to add another 18 holes, a clubhouse, a hotel, wedding banquet facility and extensive real estate.
LOCATION Phnom Penh, Cambodia cambodia-visualisation-project-map
WHAT WE DID 18 x hole animations 18 x hole images TEAM Arturs, Janis, Martins, Juris, Andrew
TIMING 6 weeks FUN FACT The character of the course is defined by viewing platforms inspired by the temples at Angor Watt.
Image showing hole 17 of the Vattanac golf course in Cambodia

View of par 4 hole 17 showing the wooden revetments bordering the lake edge

faldo-golf-course-design-logo The level of detail to which they go to when producing their golf course animations is extremely impressive – and this shows in the final results. They are very thorough and very professional in their work. I would highly recommend the animation services of Harris Kalinka. Andrew Haggar, Director of Architecture Faldo Design
Visualisation showing the par 3 hole 8 at the Vattanac golf course in Cambodia

Aerial view of the green at the par 3 hole 8

Visualisation of the par 4 hole 7 at the Vattanac golf course in Cambodia

View of the green at the par 4 hole 7

Visualisation showing hole 18 at the Vattanac golf course in Cambodia

Aerial view of the par 5 hole 18 showing the ball flight path to illustrate the ideal route of play

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