Cabot Saint Lucia

There are some projects that get announced and we secretly hope the client will call us and ask for an animation. This is one of those projects!

Earlier this year we were contacted by the owners of Cabot Links, considered the number one golf destination in Canada, about the possibility of working with them on their new project in Saint Lucia.

The site is on a 375-acre peninsula and has been described by golf course architect Bill Coore of Coore & Crenshaw as ”off-the-charts spectacular” with nine of the holes along the ocean, among them back-to-back par-3s for holes 16 and 17.

Coore & Crenshaw are known for doing a lot of their work on site, so we knew we wouldn’t get a detailed set of grading plans. We also knew the key to the project would be recreating the rocky cliffs and simulating the waves. It had all the ingredients to be one of our most challenging projects, so it is lucky we like challenges!

What we did have was a very detailed topographical plan of the existing site, some great sketches from Coore & Crenshaw and a huge amount of drone footage – the drone footage proved to be invaluable because we found a way to extract the data we needed to recreate the cliffs.

Whilst the development features 320 homes, a boutique hotel and clubhouse, our focus was on showcasing the golf course. The brief was to create a short animation and selection of renders to give an overview of the course and the site, highlight individual holes along the coastline and most of all get people excited about the project.

Within one week of being released the animation was viewed over 10,000 times across various social media platforms, so we like to think it was a success!

Saint Lucia
What we did
1 x trailer animation
16 x renders
Coore & Crenshaw
How long it took
10 weeks

Fun Fact

We probably spent more time working on the simulation of the crashing waves, than on the golf course.