Eagle Pine

Before we started creating animations of golf courses we created animations of architecture and interiors. So when we got a call asking if we were interested in working on a project which combines a golf course with modern architecture and luxury interiors, it was an easy answer!

The client was Aristo Developers who are considered the number one developer of golf resorts in Cyprus, and the project was Eagle Pine Golf Resort comprising an 18 hole championship course, five-star boutique hotel, retail centre, clubhouse, pro shop and 1,000 villas.

The course is set into the undulating hills of the landscape, and the design sought to retain as much of the natural characteristics as possible, in particular the native trees and vegetation – and there are views of the Mediterranean sea from almost every angle.

The brief was to create a trailer style of animation of approximately 2 minutes, to showcase all aspects of the project and help Aristo Developers with their marketing and securing further investment. They were familiar with our work, so they were happy for us to drive the process, but there was a catch, a rather ambitious deadline.

For a project of this scale there are no shortcuts – which we don’t like anyway – so we agreed to create a shorter version of the animation, around 30 seconds, which we like to call a teaser. This meant we could focus our efforts on specific areas of the project and Aristo Developers had something to present sooner than expected. And the full length animation was completed a few weeks later.

What we did
1 x trailer animation
10 x renders
Graham Marsh and Golf & Land Design
How long it took
10 weeks