As much as we’d like to take all the credit for a great looking render or animation, it would be arrogant of us to do so. There are many factors that contribute to the success of a project. At the top of the list would be the design or course, but, arguably equally important is the site itself and the surrounding environment.

Which brings me on to the site for one of our latest projects.

When Ken Baker, former Senior Design Associate at Nicklaus Design and now Head of Golf Course Design at One Club Inc, called to say they would like us to create some animations for Haevichi Country Club, we didn’t need to think twice. Haevichi’s course in the north of South Korea is actually carved into the mountains.

The golf course was about to undergo a redesign and the club wanted a flyover of each hole to present to the membership. The design information was still being finalised, so that gave us time to start modelling the surrounding envrionment. This included a substantial range of mountains, a local village and the clubhouse.

There’s a reasonable amount of work in creating the surrounding environment, sometimes more than the course itself, especially if they are as detailed as Kakona or Punta Brava. So if we can start work early, even before the design information is available (as we did for this project), then it really helps to speed up the overall process.

As well as thanking Ken for his design, we also need to say thank you to mother nature for giving us a spectacular environment to work with. We hope we did both justice.

Namyangiu, South Korea
What we did
18 x hole animations
One Club
How long it took
8 weeks

Fun Fact

We modelled 16 km2 of mountains that became the backdrop to the animations.