As soon as David McLay Kidd (DMK) told us that the site for their latest project was adjacent to a beach with crystal blue waters in the Bahamas, we wanted to be involved. Since we started in the golf industry, it’s been on our bucket list to work on such a site. Not surprisingly though, projects like this don’t appear very often.

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This was one of the occasions when we really wished we had an excuse to leave our computers and visit the site. Unfortunately for us, DMK sent us plenty of site photos so there really was no need to go there.

When you receive a project with a picturesque site like this, there’s a certain amount of pressure to do it justice and recreate the idyllic surroundings. For this reason, we probably spent more time working on the sandy and rocky stretches of beach than we did on the golf course and architecture, but we believe it was time well spent.

The developer wanted an animation they could use for marketing, so the plan was to create a trailer-style animation. It would combine the best views of the project, and showcase the holes closest to the ocean, illustrating the relationship between the course, the architecture and the environment. We combined views from a golfer’s perspective with elevated angles to give the viewer a feeling of what it will be like to stand on the course, but also an overview of the project.

After all the time we spent creating a 3d model of the beach and simulating the waves, it would’ve been a shame not to include some shots that focus on the site. Showing beauty shots like these is something we like to include in every trailer because they help us to communicate the character of a project.

Now that we’ve ticked the ‘project on a beach in Bahamas’ box, what’s next on our bucket list? We’ll, if anyone has a project … we’d love to hear from you. Especially if you need us to visit the site!

Abaco, Bahamas
What we did
1 x trailer animation
5 x renders
David McLay Kidd
How long it took
3 weeks

“ Harris Kalinka has partnered with us on many projects and always delivered superb quality renders and animation. Their attention to detail and willingness to adjust based on the feedback, results in the very best that the industry has to offer. There is no better way to communicate our design intent to clients and golfers. ”

David McLay Kidd, Principal, DMK Golf Design

Fun Fact

The sandy and rocky beaches were modelled entirely from site photos.