Twin Dolphin

The Twin Dolphin community sits in the Baja terrain, with dramatic elevation changes, meandering arroyos and spectacular views of the Sea of Cortez. If this wasn’t enough to get us excited about the project, it was also a chance to work with the one-and-only Fred Couples on his Signature Design golf course.

Our job was to create a selection of animations for marketing the golf club to prospective members, to give a taste of the course and the wonderful amenities on offer.

On the subject of amenities, over the years we’ve worked on a lot of projects that fit into the category of a luxury development, but this is the first time we’ve ever seen a comfort station quite like this. If the golf course didn’t look so fun to play I’m not sure we’d leave the comfort station!

We initially created flyovers for holes 3 and 11, then hole 5 and the comfort station. Finally we moved on to the clubhouse and practice range, which by the way has some luxury cabanas and latia grill.

The animations appeared on the Twin Dolphin website, which in an industry full of poorly designed websites (sorry, one of our annoyances!) is an example of a great one. They released our animations in stages: first the flyovers of holes 3 and 11, then hole 5 and the comfort station, and finally the clubhouse and practice range. This is an excellent way to keep people engaged, giving them a reason to come back to your site and see the latest news (or animations).

Update: Twin Dolphin have recently released a video combining our animations with filmed footage and an interview with Fred Couples. A great example of how our animations can be re-purposed.

Los Cabos, Mexico
What we did
3 x hole animations
1 x trailer animation
Fred Couples and Origins Golf Design
How long it took
8 weeks

“ I have been extremely pleased with the team at Harris Kalinka and the fabulous rendering and animation work they do. From the very beginning I knew that I had made the right decision in trusting them to create the renders and animations for our project. The final product they delivered truly exceeded our expectations and has proven to be a valuable tool for us. ”

Greg Villeneuve, President, Summit Golf

Fun Fact

Look closely and you’ll see the animations of holes 5 and 11 playing on the TV in the clubhouse.