Yangtze Dunes

Just a couple of months after working with OCM on Bangpra International Golf Club they approached us again, to ask if we could help them to communicate the redesign of an existing hole to their client, the owner of the golf club.

The hole in question was the 3rd, a long par 5 that played around the edge of a storage lake. OCM’s proposal was to introduce some larger dunes down the left side of the hole so there was less emphasis on this lake. A new bridge and wetlands were also introduced to give the lake a more natural feel.

We deliberately kept the animation at a low level, so it was easy for the owner to compare it to the existing hole and understand the changes that OCM were proposing.

The hole was signed off by the client and earthworks have started, so we’re looking forward to seeing some photos later in the year.

Shanghai, China
What we did
1 x hole animation
3 x renders
How long it took
4 weeks

Fun Fact

The Yangtze river behind the 3rd green (but not visible in the animation) is up to 8km wide at some points!