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Thursday 20th February 2014

Our booth for the China Golf Show

Forget about golf course designs – booths at the China Golf Show in Beijing are fast becoming a golf industry spectacle all of their own. In 2013 we took a whole new approach to building ours.

In previous years we’ve opted for an economical booth design and carried our own displays over from Europe. But over the three years we’d been exhibiting, we’d noticed the quality of booths improving each year, so we thought we’d better join the party and design and build something special.

We love this show because it’s the one time in the year when you get to see almost everyone in the industry. It’s a great opportunity to say hello to old acquaintances and make new ones. We really wanted to make the most of it.

china-golf-show-completed-booth-design-2013The finished booth at the China Golf Show

Designing the booth

We had a couple of companies send us designs, but we didn’t feel any of them represented the HK Golf brand, so we decided to design the booth ourselves. As trained architects, this didn’t pose too many problems.

Our booth is all about letting people watch our animations. We wanted plenty of screens with unrestricted views and plenty of room to sit or stand. We came up with the ‘sports bar’ concept, creating a bar across half the width of the booth, where people could come and sit on the stools or stand and ‘be served’. (We wanted to serve beer but we didn’t have a licence and we couldn’t sneak it past the efficient security guards.)

It was also important that the design reflected our brand and the high quality of our work. We went with our brand colours, using black to create a contrasting canvas for the animations and white to frame the booth. We illuminated the main logo to really make it jump out, and made sure that all our display text was in both English and Chinese – this is important.

china-golf-show-booth-logo-2013Juris holding the HK logo

Getting the design built

We looked around for a couple of Beijing companies to build our booth, but there were various problems with additional fees for outside construction companies, so we opted for the official contractor, PBR.

Our project contact was Kelly Chan, whose excellent English made for a smooth experience. We sent PBR our designs – in 3d naturally – and they made some suggestions based on health and safety regulations.

It was nerve wracking walking into the exhibition hall on set-up day to see what our design looked like. For once we’d had to trust someone else with our design, rather than the other way round.

We were pleasantly surprised to see the timber frame of the sports bar and stand already up and 10 workers painting, fitting TVs and lighting, and adding the signage. It was all coming together before our eyes – and very quickly, but then that’s China for you.

Kelly told us to come back in a couple of hours and it would be done. She was right and it looked exactly like our design. There were a couple of problems getting the TVs to play our animations, and the lighting for our logo needed adjusting, but these were fixed within minutes of talking to Kelly.

china-golf-show-booth-construction-2013Constructing the booth

A cost comparison

I’m not going to say how much our booth cost, out of respect for Kelly and PBR, but I will say that it was only marginally more expensive than carrying our display from Europe. The cost included all the TVs (we had 5 of them) and the furniture, and meant we could exclude the effort, cost and stress of bringing our displays with us and through Beijing airport customs. It was also far more impressive.

One of the best things about having the booth built for us was that when the show ended we could simply walk away. No dismantling or packing up. After a successful three days we headed straight for the local restaurant to feast on Peking duck.

You can come and see this year’s design for yourself. Visit us on 14, 15 or 16 March at the 2014 China Golf Show at booth number A3206.