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Wednesday 26th September 2018

The worst thing about creating golf course animations

We created a 3d model of this beach in the Bahamas from hundreds of photos provided by course designer David McLay Kidd

If you’re a golfer, you’d be absolutely right if you assumed we have fantastic jobs. We get to work on some of the most prestigious golf projects, with some of the best golf course designers, in countries all around the globe. And we can just about justify playing a round of golf as work – or “research” as we like to call it.

What you may not realise is that we never actually visit any of the sites we work on. We didn’t visit the beach in the Bahamas, or the mountains in Korea, or the islands in Vietnam.

All our animations are created from information provided by the designer. This typically includes the routing, grading, site photos, sometimes a site survey, and then anything we can find online.

This saves our clients a reasonable amount of money, but for us it can feel a bit like mental torture! Spending weeks looking at photos of a beach in the Bahamas so we can re-create it in 3d, in such fine detail that we even model individual rocks! And not even a grain of sand between our toes…

I have a feeling we aren’t going to get much sympathy, and we probably don’t deserve it because in our books we really do have one of the best jobs in the world. However, we have a plan: to include a mandatory site visit in our contracts, plus an all-expenses paid trip to play the course after it’s been built.

There’s nothing wrong with dreaming, is there?