Harris Kalinka

Imagery + Animation Golf + Architecture

Monday 27th August 2018

Why get a trailer for your golf course?

Just as not everyone has time to play 18 holes of golf, not everyone has time to watch 18 flyovers (from tee to green), which is approximately 6 minutes of animation. That is why we tell all our clients who want animations for a new golf course design to consider something else. A trailer.

We took inspiration from Hollywood’s movie trailers, thinking that we could do the same for the golf industry. Instead of showing the entire course, we create a compilation of shots, showing only the best views of the best holes, all in less than two minutes of animation. This keeps people engaged and most importantly, they are left wanting to see more.

A trailer focuses on the character of the course, showing the bunkers, vegetation and other course features close-up and in detail. This helps to capture the essence of the course and differentiate it from others.

It can include the clubhouse, real estate and anything else that forms part of the project. The architecture will be treated in exactly the same way. We won’t attempt to show everything, focusing instead on the best views and most interesting architectural details.

Unlike hole flyovers, we aren’t restricted by a predetermined path of the camera (from tee to green), so we can explore the course and find the best camera angles. We can change the time of day to show the course in the best light, or even change the season. A trailer allows a lot more freedom in terms of how we present the project, and the result is an animation with a more cinematic feel.

Not only do we think a trailer is a great alternative to traditional hole flyovers, it’s often cheaper. This is partly because there’s less modelling required, but also because there’s a lot less rendering.

Of course, sometimes the best option is to create an animation of each hole. For example, if you want to show the members the proposed redesign of their course and they’re interested in seeing each and every hole. However, if you need an animation for marketing, especially for new build courses, then we think the trailer has a lot going for it.

Here’s a trailer we created for a recent David McLay Kidd design in the Bahamas.