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Chelsea Penthouse

Chelsea Penthouse Living Room Visualisation

Visualisation of the family living room

What’s the story?

“Can you create images for nine interiors in two weeks?”

That’s the question London architects State of Craft asked us earlier this year.

Architectural visualisation showing the orangerie

Visualisation of the orangerie and terrace looking out across West London

What’s the project?

The main focus was the penthouse of a prestigious development in Chelsea. Unfortunately we can’t reveal the name because it’s all a bit hush hush. The images were used to present the interior designs to the client.

Architectural visualisation showing the kitchen

Visualisation of the kitchen

Architectural visualisation showing the study

Visualisation of the study

London, UK


9 x interior images

The whole team!

2 weeks

The price tag for an apartment in this development ranges from £2m to £50m

Why did the architect approach us?

We worked with State of Craft on visualisations for the Aero Club project, so they knew they could trust us on a project that needed a quick turnaround without any problems.

They also knew how we work: that we like to send plenty of progress images and invite their feedback throughout the process. Similarly, we knew exactly what information we’d receive from them. This familiarity was important given the amount of work and the quick turnaround that was needed.

Architectural visualisation showing the bathroom

Visualisation of the bathroom

Architectural visualisation showing the bathroom at dusk

Visualisation of the bathroom at dusk

How did we help?

The architects were designing each interior at the same time as we were creating the 3D model, so our renders became a design tool for them to test and evaluate ideas.

Designing each interior was an iterative process to decide on the final surface finishes, furniture and fittings, right down to the artwork and books on the table. We started by sending quick views of the shell, which the architects used to sketch over to illustrate their ideas. The 3D model was then updated and more detailed images were sent back. This process repeated itself until the design was finalised and ready to be presented to the client.

In addition to the images that showed the overall design of each interior, we also created some close ups, or vignettes, that focused in on the finer details of the architects’ design.

Architectural visualisation showing a close up detail of the dining room

Visualisation showing a detail from the dining room

Architectural visualisation showing the bedroom

Visualisation of the bedroom

What happened?

Did we create images for nine interiors in two weeks? Yes, we did. In fact, with all the progress images and tests, we rendered more than 150 images in that time.

Architectural visualisation showing the terrace

Visualisation showing a view of the family living room from the terrace

Architectural visualisation showing a close up detail of the living room

Visualisation showing a detail from the living room

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